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Where High School Athletes Meet College Coaches

With your own website on, you can take your college career into your own hands and be the athlete you want to be.

Instead of waiting for a coach to find you, find a coach through our database. We make it easy for you to shine and for you to connect. Here’s how:

  • Exhibit your talent by posting your athletic and academic information along with photos and videos.
  • Invite coaches to review your website with a personal email.
  • Our system makes it simple to search for coaches, email those coaches, and follow up later.
  • A fully integrated tracking system allows you to see who has looked at your website.

The Recruit Me Now system allows you to search by location, sport, and academic study giving you access to over 20,000 coaches from 2,000 colleges and 17,000 teams. 


Players at the Collegiate Level

Player   College
Michael DeGraff   Young Harris
Brent Worsham   South Carolina
Blake Hudson   West Georgia University
Jared Williams   Truett McConnell
Will Young   Shorter College
Ben Stell   Shorter College
Seth Hollingsworth   Shorter College
Brian York   Truett McConnell
Justin Newport   Winthrop University

Justin Newport

Justin Newport, a leader on and off the field for Chapel Hill High School, will continue his baseball career with Winthrop University of Rock Hill, S.C.

Will Young
Signing his letter to play at Shorter College

Michael DeGraff
Signing his letter to play at Young Harris College. Michael trained with Lincoln Martin and Michael attributes much of his hitting ability to what he learned under Lincoln. Pitured are Rich Newport(Owner Diamond Starz), Lincoln Martin, his mom and dad.

Coach Robinson of Young Harris selected Michael for his hitting ability and his play at third base. Michael took instruction from Lincoln on both infield play and hitting.

Jared Williams
Signing his letter to play at Columbia State Community College. Jared is a student at Diamond Starz and is currenty on staff here as well.

Brent Worsham
Signing his letter to play at Middle Georgia. Brent pictured here with Lincoln Martin, parents and coaches.
Players at the Collegiate Level
Player   College
Rachel Thomas   Georgia Southwestern
Magan Davenport   ABAC
Laura Brown   ABAC
Ashli Chafin   ABAC
Hannah Layton   Darton College
 Logan  Foulks   University of North Carolina 

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