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"In keeping with Our Commitment to Character Development we are teaming up
with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Check out the page dedicated to
our involvement with the FCA"


Christlike Character in Action

Umpire Jim Joyce and Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga demonstrate outstanding personal character and Christlike behavior during this reconciliation moment at Home Plate.  So much th
at we ALL can learn from this...

Taking responsibility for our actions, reacting positively when things don't go our way, seeking forgiveness, providing forgiveness, keeping the game in perspective....


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Mental Game


There is a new book available that provides EXCELLENT insight into coaching and player development for Youth Baseball. It's called Blueprint for Baseball.
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book for a coach or parent who wants to truly understand the secrets of coaching youth baseball and developing a player and young person.

Brandon Smith has captured the essence of EXCELLENT youth coaching
blueprint for baseball
The experience of playing youth baseball is a once in a lifetime opportunity...

  • Plan to make the very most of these valuable experiences
  • Baseball is a great tool to build up and strengthen your child
Every great adventure starts with a great plan.

      This book Provides:
  • Meaningful insight to effective player development strategies for parents and coaches
  • Effective Communication approaches for all players
  • Player Development Strategies that work at any level
  • "Intentionally inspire"-teach character traits of life through the game of baseball
  • Practice Planning Guidelines
  • Drills to keep the game fun while challenging players to improve
  • Build Confidence through Accomplishment
          Finally, A Plan To Succeed In Developing Baseball Players !
Blueprint for Baseball show parents, coaches and players fun baseball drills to keep the game EXCITING while getting to the TOP.

.....I see kids lose out on great experiences that baseball offers due to an over zealous parent or a misinformed coach
6 years of professional playing experience...

18 years of coaching experience...

A Blueprint for Baseball...

Get Your Copy NOW by clicking this link.
This will be one of  the best investments you can make !

Blue Print for Baseball
by Brandon Smith for ONLY $9.95
For a LIMITED TIME when you Purchase Blueprint for Baseball you will also Receive  Free of Charge

Off-Season Throwing Program $12.95 FREE!

Youth Baseball Team Manual (28 pages) $12.95 FREE!

Parent Letter Template  $2.95 FREE!

SAVE $38.85 off the RETAIL PRICE


Take advantage of a FREE VIDEO LESSON and receive quality instruction on pitching or hitting with the instructor of your choice.  Nothing can give an athlete the feedback that video can and Diamond Starz believes in it so much that we are offering this for free to demonstrate its effectiveness.  

Call to book your FREE video analysis lesson!

*First time students only
We Use the Right View Pro - Video Analysis System   

We are now using this state of the art video analysis program. We are the ONLY facility using this software in Douglas, Paulding, Carroll counties. State of the art video analysis for hitting and pitching in both baseball and fast pitch softball.Your athletes development and learning is accelerated through the use of this program, which means seeing results happening quicker. This results in less money spent on lessons and getting you the results you need for the beginning of the season or for that tryout.Digital Video Analysis System provides instant visual feedback and comparison to the best hitters and pitchers in the business

  • Lesson segments are stored for review and future use Capability to have view at home with Player Viewer software Accelerated learning and shows clearly the areas needing attention Results happen quicker...less money spent on lessons to get results Drills incorporated to help improve the areas needing work Baseball hitting and pitching Softball hitting and pitching Capability to email lesson segments or copy to CD
  • Used by several MLB teams and major college baseball and softball teams
  • If you're also looking to resolve team fitness issues then you need a workout/fitness program that really works. I'd recommend something like the Adonis Golden Ratio program. Your team will definitely be on board with it's approach. You can get it here. It's a custom workout program that adjusts for each body type and it really does work for those that put in the effort.

Diamond Starz Gift Certificates Make Great Gifts!! They can be purchased in any amount and redeemed for any service that Diamond Starz offers. They make ideal Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or motivational rewards for that sporting/fitness person in your life.

Stop in and pickup a great gift today!!


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